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   You will also need a ways to secure your handle to your purse once it has been made. I used a plastic ring. (See photo above.) They are called Cabone Rings and can be found on the Notions Wall of most fabric/craft stores. You can get them as large as 2” and as small as 1/4”. I used a 1” ring in my examples mainly so it would show up better in the pictures, but you will probably want to use 1/2” size so it will be easily hidden in the lining of your purse.
You Will Need:
Large Eye Beading Needle, Two 1/2” Cabone rings for each handle you make, Size 10 Crochet thread (I used White) and a large beaded necklace.
   Find a flat surface to work on. Lay out your necklace and decide if you are going to make just one long handle or strap for you purse or two short ones. In my examples I made two short ones because at the time I was turn belts into the long style handles for my purses.
  If making two handles from the one necklace decide where your break point will be on the necklace and if you need to re-arrange the beads so the repeat of the design ends the same at both ends.
  Cut the string that holds the beads together and slowly pull the string from the beads as they lay on a flat surface. If you do this slowly enough the beads will stay in the same order as they were on the necklace.
   Knot the crochet thread around one of the Cabone Rings. Place thread through the large eye beading needle and thread the beads onto the crochet thread. End by knotting around a second ring. Repeat for the other handle. Sew each end of each ring to the inside of your purse.